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PHP Scripts for Scraping, Posting and Traffic control

Now I'm not here to tell you how to make money online cause there's already 100 million sites out there with the "magic formula" on them. Well as you can probably guess most people don't give away the "real" keys to the kingdom. And I'm not going to either.

These are some scripts that I've written over the years to make my life easier as an internet marketer. If you find yourself repeating tasks over and over again then you probably need to write a script to automate that and save you some time. It might take a little longer in the beginning to write the script, or if you don't know how to code it might take you a real long time to learn to code to write the script. However if you don't know how to program in PHP and plan on staying in business on the web I hand you a GIANT INVITATION to learn. So here goes, this is some scripts and I'll add more all the time in hopes to save you some of the time I've wasted writing them.

Assumptions I'm going to make 1. you have at least a VERY basic understanding of PHP and HTML (if you don't check out, 2. you have a machine on which you can run php files and the output will be displayed in a browser. (if you don't, building a local php platform to test on)